Most Organization, Teams, Companies etc works with Documents, Files and Images which might contains vital data that can be processed. Entering those Data from documents by hands or manually can be very tedious, tiring, time consuming and even create monotony in the work task.

A good example is an Organizations or Teams that works mostly on Physically printed documents and files like Customers Forms, Insurance Forms, Receipts, Notes etc.

To make work easier and faster for them, We created Documents and Files OCR For Confluence that uses Azure Optical Character Recognition(OCR) AI to extracts texts data from Files and documents, provides room for further extracted text editing and then stores the updated extracted text data directly on the Atlassian Storage via Storage API

What it does

The Applications uses Azure Optical Character Recognition's(OCR) to extract text data from documents and physically printed files and Images and stores them to Atlassians- Storage API Cloud for further use.

Steps to Follow:

1.) The user uses the Admin Settings on our App to update his/her full Azure OCR URL Endpoints and API Keys which is saved in the Forge Storage API Cloud.

2.) Currently, Forge UI-KITS(beta) does not supports files input form so we use text field TextFieldComponents. Next The User Enters the Full URl of the Files Documents to be extracted

3.) The Applications leverages, Azure OCR URL Endpoints and API KEY as part of the API request which is being sent via Forge-Fetch API to process and extract text data from documents on to Forge UI KITS front end.

4.) The User then edits the extracted Text Data on the fly, Gives it a Title name and then save it in the Forge Storage API Cloud for later use.

5.)User can then use, edit and modify the extracted text data to be used on any projects any time any day without leaving the Confluence.

How we built it

1.) Atlassian Storage API for data storage, Updates, Queries and managements.

2.)Forge UI KITS(beta) Components Eg. render, Fragment,Macro, MacroConfig, InlineDialog, ModalDialog, Text, Strong, IssuePanel,Button, ButtonSet, useProductContext, useState, Component, useEffect, ConfigForm, Form, Option, Select, TextArea, TextField,UserPicker, RadioGroup, Radio, Heading, SectionMessage, Table, Head, Row, Cell, rowsPerPage

3.) Azure OCR AI API Calls

4.) Atlassian Fetch API is used to send and fetch data response while Azure OCR API is used to process and extract text data from files and documents.

What's next for Documents and Files OCR For Confluence

1.) Ability to create Jira Issues directly from the extracted text data from Confluence. 2.) More Features Coming soon...

Built With

  • atlassian-fetch-api
  • atlassian-storage-api
  • azure-ocr-ai
  • forge-ui-kits
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