Every Businesses, Companies, Teams, Organizations etc. always want to collect certain information's about their Services, Supports, Products and Brand from their Users, Customers etc.

To This effect, We created a Customers Feedback AI System on Confluence. When a User, Customers etc submit a Products/Brands Feedback from the Feedback AI Form on the confluence page, the submitted data is captured and stored on Atlassian Storage System via Storage API.

The Companies, Organizations etc. that issues the Feedback will then run Sentimental Analysis on each of the Submitted Feedback Data to ascertain Users/Customers reactions to their Products, Services etc.

The Application automatically leverages Azure Opinion Mining Text-Analytics AI to analyze submitted feedback in order to checks Customers/Users Feedback response Positivity, Negativity or Neutrality. This will provide AI Insights to detect

1.) If the User/Customers is Happy about the Products/Services (Degree of Positivity AI Readings)

2.) If the User/Customers is Sad about the Products/Services (Degree of Negativity AI Readings)

3.) If the User/Customers is Mild about the Products/Services (Degree of Neutrality AI Readings)

What it does

1.)Allows every Businesses, Companies, Teams, Organizations etc. to collect certain information's about their Services, Supports, Products and Brand from their Users, Customers etc. via a Feedback Form AI.

2.)Allow Companies/Businesses to run Sentimental Analysis on their Users/Customers submitted Feedback data about their certain Products, Services or Brands to analyze if the User is Happy(Positivity), Sad(Negativity) or Mild(Neutrality) .

How to use the Applications.

1.) Update the Admin Settings with your Data obtain from the Applications Confluence Users API Calls.

2.) To run Sentimental Analysis on the Customers/Users Submitted Feedback, you will need to update the Admin App Settings with Your Azure Opinion Mining Text-Analytics API Keys and Azure Apps URl Endpoints.

How we built it

1.) Atlassian Storage API for data storage, Updates, Queries and managements.

2.)Forge UI KITS(beta) Components Eg. render, Fragment,Macro, MacroConfig, InlineDialog, ModalDialog, Text, Strong, IssuePanel,Button, ButtonSet, useProductContext, useState, Component, useEffect, ConfigForm, Form, Option, Select, TextArea, TextField,UserPicker, RadioGroup, Radio, Heading, SectionMessage, Table, Head, Row, Cell, rowsPerPage

3.) Azure Opinion Mining Text Analytics AI API Calls

4.) Atlassian Fetch API is used to send and fetch data response about the feedback analysis to and from Azure Opinion Mining Text Analytics API

What's next for Forge Customers Feedback AI on Confluence

1.) Integrating the ability to ensure that only the Admin can review the Customers/Users Submitted Feedback by looping through the app storage data base on certain criteria

2.) Integrating the ability to Edit and Delete data to and From the Forge Cloud Storage API.

3.)Many more features coming soon

Built With

  • atlassian-fetch-api
  • atlassian-storage-api
  • azure-opnion-mining-sentiments-text-analytics
  • foreg-ui-kits
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