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My brother Nkemjika Gwacham asked me if there is any way to allow Business, Organizations etc. to provide supports to their Users/Customers directly on Confluence. I taught about the possibility and behold this application was born.


Most Users, Customers, Teams etc always request for online digital supports on daily basis based on their needs.

To provides Customers supports, Users Supports etc., we created a Support Contact Us Form on Confluence. When a User, Customers etc sends mails from the Contacts Us Form on the confluence page, the submitted data is captured and stored on Atlassian Storage System via Storage API.

The Customers can get a response back from the Supports Team via Email Services and Twilio SMS Components.

What it does

1.)Allow Users, Teams etc to provide Customers Supports to users without leaving Confluence.

2.)Allow Supports teams to get back or reply to their Users, Customers etc. on their issues via Email Services and SMS via Twilio.

How use the Applications.

1.) Update the Admin Settings with your Data obtain from the Applications Confluence Users API Calls.

2.) To Send or reply messages via SMS, we integrated Twilio. So the User has configure the Twilio SMS Settings from the Admin Tab.

Once You register with Twilio, you will obtain 3 Twilio SMS Variables (https://www.twilio.com/sms)

A.)Twilio Account SID

B.) Twilio Auth Token

C.) Twilio Phone No.

This 3 components is needed within our Apps Admin settings to ensure that you can send and reply your Users or Customers Contact Messages via SMS.

3.) To reply via Email, We Integrated our Server Email components and Pass Email data via Atlassian Fetch API Call.

How we built it

1.) Atlassian Storage API for data storage, Updates, Queries and managements.

2.)Forge UI KITS(beta) Components Eg. render, Fragment,Macro, MacroConfig, InlineDialog, ModalDialog, Text, Strong, IssuePanel,Button, ButtonSet, useProductContext, useState, Component, useEffect, ConfigForm, Form, Option, Select, TextArea, TextField,UserPicker, RadioGroup, Radio, Heading, SectionMessage, Table, Head, Row, Cell, rowsPerPage

3.) Email Services used for replying users/Customers Contacts Message via Email powered by Atlassian Fetch API Calls.

4.) Twilio SMS API used for replying users/Customers Contacts Message via SMS powered by Atlassian Fetch API Calls.


What's next for Contact Us Customers Support System on Confluence

1.) Integrating a more sophisticated Admin Interface to ensure that only Admin can access all the Contacts Submitted Data. This can be done by looping through the Storage API data via Forge UI KIT .

2.) Adding the ability add more Contacts from the Admin Section.

3.) Integrating the ability to update and delete contacts to and from Forge Storage API

3.) Many more features coming soon..

Built With

  • atlassian-fetch-api
  • atlassian-storage-api
  • email-services-clients
  • forge-ui-kits
  • twilio
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