As an exchange student, we are having trouble in connecting with people and making plans to go out and explore Singapore. Everyone in a new place needs some fun ideas and friends, and four is a proven great number for company. Enter ForFour.

What it does

A web app that helps exchange students connect with other exchange students and locals while going on hand-picked adventures nearby.

How we built it

We have a login page. After signing up, you are taken to a survey which will ask you some questions from which we will get a personality vector that is analyzed with k-means clustering to match you with people you'll love. You then have a Calendar to check suggested events by selecting specific dates and times.

Challenges we ran into

Learning Ionic, Http plugins, Typescript, and MongoDB in one day proved to be extremely tough. We did not have time (or concentration) to go through all of the documentation, so we spent a lot of time doing trial and error. Eventually, through internet tutorials and reading fragments of documentation, we managed to figure out just enough to complete the project. Stamina was also a barrier- after 6 hours of coding everybody's productivity drastically dipped. Fortunately, we had food and home-brewed coffee to keep us going.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting the back end to work. Finally getting over that one unresolved parameter. Creating a usable product that adds value to fellow local and exchange students at NTU. Using a wide variety of technologies for end- to- end functionality, along with our own insights

What we learned

MongoDB is a fickle mistress. Promises are what make the Node.js world go round. 8 slices of pizza seems like a good stopping point. Ionic is pretty neat. This project has a lot of undiscovered depth.

What's next for ForFour

The user will be able to log in through Facebook. Cyber Bitcoin Containerization. We hope to implement a neural network to optimize how we weight personality vectors and match activities with people. There is plenty more functionality to be implemented; an ideal production-ready product would feature a calendar full of auto-generated events that users can scroll through and accept or pass up at their convenience. Friends will be able sign on as groups and have access to experiences together. We can take advantage of Google Maps API and other navigation services to provide full itineraries and budgets for each event.

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