The world of investing and finance is often seen as an intimidating place for many individuals, and can become complicated quickly. However, with our project, we hope to break down that wall and show them just how easy and accessible it is to start. We understand that financial literacy is imperative these days, therefore it is smart to familiarize them with investing and arm them with know-how and tools that will be an essential roadmap for the future.

So that's what we made, a discord bot has just enough simplicity but all the pros of a programming language.

What it does

FOREX Trading is a simulated stock market. It does all the things a normal stock market does, but it runs at an accelerated rate and does away with fees and other hassles. You can place buy or sell orders at any time, and the economy is generous enough so that you can feel free to take more risks and learn more! Another advantage of a simulated stock market is that it lets the administrators simulate events such as a stock market crash!

How we built it

FOREX Trading is built with & discord.ext and we built and host it on The landing page runs on Jekyll and is hosted on Github Pages.

Challenges we ran into

We all tried a lot of new things this weekend: and all the considerations that bring, and website development with a completely new framework. Overall, we struggled a lot with miscommunication, different time zones, and other minor faults which would consume up a lot of our time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of the sleek and minimalist design we were able to achieve with the website. In addition, in the python department, figuring out how to store player/stock data effectively was also an impressive accomplishment.

What we learned

It takes a lot of time to get familiar with completely new ideas such as async or overrides. If we had gone with something everyone had more experience in we might have been able to do even more.

What's next for Forex Tycroon

Currently, you can only place buy and sell orders. Being able to purchase other options, as well as different types of investments such as commodities or cryptocurrency would be amazing.

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