I wanted practice with CSV files and my father (a developer) suggested to do something with Forex. I also wanted to help inspire one of my college peers to work on projects outside of school.

What it does

This is a very simple app that downloads the Forex price info for the date you select and displays the values at the time you select.

How we built it

This project was made in C# and WPF. It uses simple web requests to download the info from a trading site.

Challenges we ran into

Perfecting the display was challenging. It was also difficult to parse the Date/Time and exchange price data throughout the project in a simple way

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I'm happy that I was able to get practice with CSV files. My other team member is happy that they got practice with WPF and got to work together on something outside of class

What we learned

The biggest lesson is to make sure everyone has .Net 5 before making a .Net 5 project. I only recently installed it and my teammate didn't have it prior to this project. We spend almost the first hour of the hackathon just trying to get Visual Studio to work properly and ended up reverting to .Net Framework 4.8.

What's next for Forex Price Viewer

Improving the implementation and possibly extending to other markets

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