I recently learned to use godot and wanted to try building a fully functioning game with it. I was originally thinking of making a racing game but ended up building a mountain terrain generator. I realized a flight simulator would be more interesting and came up with a way to make it into a game.

What it does

This game is an endless runner game with the user as a plane. The user has to try to avoid touching the ground or any mountains by using their arrow keys to dodge everything. They also have a limited amount of power they can use each time the accelerate upward forcing them to use it only when necessary.

How we built it

Forever Flight was built using Godot. It uses both 3D and 2D aspects to create a user friendly experience. The game is also connected to Firebase using their user authentication to create unique profiles and their realtime database to save scores.

Challenges we ran into

I struggled with connecting different pieces together. This is my first time building a full game with Godot. Using a new language, GDScript, made it hard to intuitively do things. After watching a lot of youtube videos and spending hours reading through their documentation, I learned many things as far as connecting different nodes and prebuilt classes.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I'm proud that I built a 3D game. I've never built a 3D game before this hackathon. I learned a lot about both the design side and coding side.

What's next for Forever Flight

I hope to add in new levels and obstacles in order to make the game harder. My next step with this app will be deploying it on a phone and testing it out there.

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