We wanted to make a game because our goal is to win the Nitendo Switches. We liked flying games and wanted explore procedurally generating 3-d landscape obstacles.

What it does

You, the player, control a ship flying through 3-d space avoiding colliding with the walls of the cavern. It is almost like a 3-d version of the class web-based game, "Helicopter."

How we built it

We built it using models available through Three.js. From there we made algorithms to procedurally generate caverns of these models to fly through.

Challenges we ran into

Procedurally generating 3-d caverns that are both hard to navigate, but also manageable to navigate took a lot of fine-tuning and with more time, we probably could have adjusted the parameters to improve playability.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Having made a playable game within 24-hours. None of us have created a 3-D game before these past 24 hours so we are proud of that. We are proud of the math concepts we had to utilize to create a game within 3-d dimensional space, namely Quaternion math.

What we learned

We learned Quaternion math, which is a method of mapping vector rotations in 3-D space. It allowed us to make the plane flight more realistic as it turns side to side and up and down.

What's next for Forever Fast

We would like to fix some bugs we are aware of, as well as add power-ups and an online competitive scoreboard. We also just barely did not have enough time to create legitimate collision detection. We would like to have that in the future.

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