ForestFind was inspired for adventurous consumers, hikers, researchers to assist them during their expeditions.

For our design we wanted to ensure our app allowed users to identify plant life and provide information such as is this plant dangerous as well as containing more useful information. We also wanted to design the suite with hiker safety in mind. we wanted to allow users to retrace their path and even alert 911 instantaneous if the user is in trouble.

With these design parameters in mind we built and combined a multifaceted-framework to ensure our suite of tools and services performed as desired.

Forestfind's Discovery Mode utilizes Geo-tracking with Bi-Directional Spatial Distance Triangulation combined with Realtime Spatial Identification with tracking for Distance displacement base on point of interests. combined with Hardware Driven Obstacle & Item Identification via Image Processing verification to provide realtime detailed tracking information and scholastic data based on selected interest of the consumer.

Unfortunately hikers and travelers can sometimes lose track of their route and can accidentally find themselves lost and unable to retrace steps to their original route. Forestfind’s reverse mode was designed to help remedy this situation. Utilizing Realtime Spatial Identification & tracking with Distance triangulation based on Point of Interest and Geographical height data. When this option is selected the user can see the path they took to get to their current location. This allows the user to return the way they came without confusion until they reach an area of familiarity.

However, sometimes the user may not be lost, sometimes they’re simply in a situation where they’re unable to travel themselves, broken legs, animals attempting to attack them. So we designed Forestfind assistant function using a Geo-Based Digital Notification & Warning System with Query Based Positioning off the consumer’s Triangulated Position. This means the app will automatically send out GPS coordinates and a message stating to send help to from emergency responders & law enforcement. This allows rescue procedures to commence nearly instantaneously rather then waiting the allotted time by federal and local laws based on missing persons.. With slight modification we can have this directly go to park rangers, stadium officials, security personal and more. Using their Mixed Reality devices combined with Real Time Spatial Identification & Tracking with Distance triangulation the Rangers can see the consumer via a large scale icon showcasing the exact GPS location of the last known blackbox position that was recorded by the suite for the missing consumer in the real world. The Coordinates and visuals allow the ranger to develop the safest and more reliable course of action to begin secure procedures.

With this application developed for the safety of hikers, we wanted to ensure that individuals who are afflicted with color blindness or mobility issues could use the apps features as well. As such we have utilized a robust set of Accessibility Features such as Artificial Voice & Text Generation by Natural Language Processing & Deep Set Vocal Audio Data. Switch Control & Colorblindness (currently only: Red/blue color blindness)

The challenges we faced during the development of these Set of Tools and Applications, was GPSd and the Traversal of GPS Data via TCP/UDP from 3rd party devices. We also had a lot of difficulties with base documentation due to having updated source and tools but not having documentation to match properly. Some of the other challenges we faced were time management, and overall group focus. Where at times we redid work that was un-needed. All in all the challenges enlightened us and made the project a little harder but better in the long run.

We learned that the utilization of these frameworks can help benefit the public in a sense of enjoyment, but what we’re most proud of is the fact is that these frameworks can be repurposed to expand the apps utility and to help the public in a variety of ways, from Emergency assistance, Roadside Assistance to Parental control and more importantly child safety. Most important is each application we develop will have full accessibility features to allow all of our users the ability to navigate and enjoy our applications

The goal for our app isn’t just to but to also help us interact with the world and build a better more educate physically active as a whole.
The goal for our apps framework wasn’t just to allow for a more educational beneficial activity but also shift the paradigm of rescue activity.

“Forest Finder” (Enterprise)
Public Safety (National Parks and Public Trails) We would like donate service machines which will notify park rangers immediately This will have the ability to unlock the (park-mode)

  • Automatically routes to Park Ranger
  • User has an expanded option set
  • Issue with another park visitor
  • Animal Attack
  • Lost
  • Emergency

Each Set of options allows the park ranger to respond to the issue properly.

Parental Control and Child Safety (B2C) Parents can monitor their children's location Emergency mode will send 911 a Direct Text-Message signally a child is potentially lost or stolen and given a GPS read out of where they were last. Childs app will go into a “black box mode” (not accessible to user) which will turn on the phones microphone and “speaker” function (but with speaker muted to not alert) Record all surrounding audio in the immediate area. App will hide it’s self in the taskbar. The app will continue to ping 911 every 60 seconds, to ensure as long battery life as possible during this event.

RoadSide Assistance App which will send out a signal to our service company which will automatically text back to the user the Name of the Tow Truck Driver, Their ETA. Users who enroll in this app will be picked up by a tow truck driver offering AC pick up (single) & refreshments. A Monthly premium version will be offered for a higher dollar amount which will offer a courtesy vehicle - Would like to pitch to Tripple AAA

With the remainder of our time our lead developer is more than happy to answer any technical questions.

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