Forest Fires cause a lot of damage to our environment. Traditionally, sensor nodes have been deployed in forests to control forest fire but there is a drawback that if any of the sensor nodes get destroyed in the forest fire then all the data collected by that sensor node would also get destroyed.

What it does

Our app, Forestchain uses Blockchain with IoT to solve this problem. Since in a blockchain each copy of data is kept by all the nodes therefore even if any node gets destoryed in the forest fire , its data can be fetched from the other connected nodes. This will help in identifying the source of the forest fire, and stopping it. A person can just monitor any other attached node and get all the data recorded by the destroyed node.

How we built it

We have used DHT 11, ESP 8266 and Ethereum Blockchain. As soon as fire is detected an RPC call is made to the server and humidity, temperature and hfindex data is stored on the Ethereum blockchain.

What's next for Forestchain

Using Raspberry Pi for creating sensor nodes. Using Hyperledger private blockchain to connect all nodes.

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