Do you have best friends and potential life-partners that you've been talking to for a long time? Are you interested in seeing how your platonic and not-so-platonic relationships have developed over the years? ForenShips is here for you! ForenShips uses advanced machine learning techniques to characterize the interest levels of you and your friend in your text message conversations, obtained through Facebook with your permission. Interface with this product through an easy-to-use Chrome extension. Find out if mutual interest exists with potential life-partners. Don't lose touch with your friends. Use ForenShips to debug your relationships today.


Your privacy is our highest priority. We do not store passwords or login credentials or conversation data. By using the extension, you are granting us access to the data of one specific conversation for one login session. You can permanently rescind access anytime by logging out of Facebook.

Background is a machine learning API designed to determine positivity of product reviews. We saw the potential in using this API beyond its intended use cases and applied this innovative technology to characterizing text conversations. Feeding the positivity results from Indico into our custom built conversation model graphs the relationship health over time. We integrate these results to return the current health of the relationship.

Our backend is hosted on Google Compute Engine on, which takes care of running our modelling algorithm and Indico API calls.

Summary (tl;dr)

Communication is key to relationships. Let us help you do it right.

Look up ForenShips on the chrome extension store!

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