Team: Care Bayer wants to make the world a better place

What it does

The final product will help immigrants (and others) to navigate the many challenges and failed expectations to more easily find a familiar community, job resources, commerce guidance, & learning opportunities using a mobile app on their phone. The current version will demonstrate

How we built it

Think tank session for concept/ choose Focus area, Design/Build, Test. React, WebPack, Redux, Material UI

Challenges we ran into

Deciding on the proper first version user interface. Language conversion tools / choosing one persons profile scenario for demo (so many scenario's) and a final decision for page sequence in app.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Good collaboration. No team fights and a finished product to demo! yeah!

What we learned

Be more focused in the beginning to manage time better. Many problems in this challenge to fix and take on but drill down and stay focused on one thing first.

What's next for "Find your 'Bayer'ings"

Continue to scale it further to increase: variety of data resources, variety of user situations, etc. Build an Alexa skill for voice interface and improved UX.

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