Car and vehicles, being on the largest forms of transportation in the world, require maintenance as they are used. However, according to a study, as much as 68% of cars currently have at least one issue with them. Many of these problems can be solved with a simple fix or a quick visit to a repair shop. If neglected, this can lead to vehicle owners spending thousands of dollars on repairs or even requiring owners to retire their vehicle and purchase a new one. The aim of ForDot. is aid vehicle owners in maintaining and caring for the vehicles.

What it does

ForDot. is a revolutionary tool to help vehicle owners maintain and care for their vehicles. Through a simplistic and clean design, simple notifications, and a friendly persona representing their car, ForDot. encourages vehicles owners to not only care for the persona but also their car. It keeps vehicles coming back to take care of ForDot using slick animations, a modern interface, and easy-to-use controls. Upon connecting to the vehicle, Dot, the avatar, begins its journey. As the vheicle is driven, the status of the car and Dot changes. The vehicle owner needs to care for the vehicle to better the conditions for ForDot.

How we built it

  • Unity for a framework for the application
  • C# for handling scripts and assets
  • Node.js and npm for simulating and testing
  • Python for send and receive information from the car
  • Postman for testing the API

Challenges we ran into

  • Some of issues that we ran into arose due to the environment in which ForDot. was written. Unity provided some difficulties intergerating with the API.
  • Communication between the application and python proved to be somewhat difficult.

What's next for ForDot.

  • One of our plans is to make ForDot more expressive by incorporating more expressions and factors from the car, making the interface more fluid, and adding a shop to the application to incentivise a vehicle owner to take better care for their car.
  • Another of our plan is to expand the range of what vehicles this application may apply too. We plan on making ForDot. compatible with Ford electric vehicles.
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