This is Ford Smart Notifications to provide drivers with information regarding their vehicles.

What it does

Alarming notifications: Car is towed or stolen, tire air is low Vehicle location : save the car location when engine stops Home arrival : open garage door Best EV charging time : Scheduling charging Car is lost : might towed or someone has stolen the car

How we built it

Using python flask client and server communication with Ford Connected APIs. Run on web browser and supporting SMS notification as well

Challenges we ran into

Have not the actual car and there are some cases which are not easy to trigger actual cases like car is stolen, and the connectivity APIs is sending static information, so need to simulate by adjusting APIs response.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Have experience Ford cars APIs integrating those into real working Software

What we learned

There are a lot of applications we can think which we can do with Ford APIs.

What's next for Ford Smart Notifications

Discover Machine learning algorithm to apply to vehicles to help drivers and passengers

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