Our inspiration for developing this application is to help in maintaining the struggle of every day life. We wanted to prove through the creation of an intuitive fleet management software that managing and maintaining your fleet should be equally as simple for your business and your family.

What it does

Ford Fleet Fun is a web-based fleet management software optimized for mobile ( Anyone can sign-up for an account and as a new user, you can:

  • Create a new Fleet and add your vehicles or let others to join your Fleet, during the hackathon, to make it easier to review the app, we have pre-approved all the requests, but in a real-world application, the fleet manager would be able to approve or reject them.

  • Join another Fleet and register your service vehicles

  • Perform a wide range of typical fleet management tasks and functionalities

In creating this, we thought about who else might benefit from fleet management capabilities within the scope of the data that we have from the FordConnect API.

What we came up with will Build Ford Families for generations.

The "My Family Fleet" function is both a resource management and an emergency remote access tool for families who drive Ford/Lincoln vehicles.

Running a family is just like running a business. Our dashboard provides them insights into resource management and allowing for functionalities like EV car scheduling for your eco-friendly family fleet.

Essentially, this is where the fun starts. What we created is more than just a simple fleet manager for a business. The integration of this simple dashboard with the FordPass application will bring a new dimension of business value other widgets on the FordPass app such as "My Rewards" and "My Journey".

This dashboard could be used in more emergency situations as well. Imagine your son or daughter got into an accident and doesn't know where they are? Through our Ford Family Fleet Manager, parents will be able to remotely locate their child and help bring them home.

Ford Fleet Fun is an suite of fleet management tools enabling end-to-end management for your business fleet - or your family- no matter what life throws your way.

How we built it

The Ford Fleet Fun Dashboard and functions are hosted on AWS. The bulk of the codebase is React-Native and JavaScript.

Challenges we ran into

There were a lot of technical hurdles to go through mainly with account creation.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

From an ideation standpoint, it was both difficult yet rewarding to come up with the "family" twist to what is usually a well-known used of software mainly for enterprises.

What we learned

That while it is easy to create something for one particular market, could also open an opportunity for another one.

What's next for Ford Fleet Fun!

Continue on developing the idea as a fleet management reward program

Our other repository ( for Backend, APIs and infra ):

Our power point presentation

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