Managing a fleet of drivers and vehicle can be a difficult task, there's no way you can physically be present to verify everything, so as a fleet manager you either need to entirely trust your employees, or have tech to reinforce their information.

What it does

Our SDL enabled app collects data from the vehicle, as well as the driver's info and logs it to a firebase database, from there we are able to monitor statistics for each driver from a website.

How we built it

We built an android app off of the smartdevicelink template provided by ford which gets the driver's info and logs vehicle data to firebase. We used ReactJS to build the web app portion of the project.

Challenges we ran into

The documentation for smartdevicelink was good, but there were limited examples provided, which led to a lot of extra time being spent trying to implement some of the code. On the web side, we ran into the standard fare of CORS issues, and had trouble retrieving data from firebase despite not using any form of authentication. The wifi was spotty for a good amount of time, and my (Lathe) laptop charger broke within the first 6 hours, so I had to track down everyone with an asus laptop in the venue to help me out when my battery got low.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our React based frontend ended up being extra polished, and had some room for features that we never got around to implementing. The majority of the work was put into setting up the data pipeline, and now that we have it adding more statistics would be a relatively trivial task.

What we learned

Ford's smartdevicelink was the biggest new piece of tech that we worked on, and luckily having the sponsor present helped solve a lot of the smaller issues we ran into before they took too much time.

What's next for Logisticc

Adding some form of data visualization could lead to a better overview for managing

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