We mostly got inspired from our journey taking cabs in Casablanca and how difficult, costly and frustrating it may be, we tried to memorize as much memories as we can and write down each type of difficulty we had, then we moved on to actually doing some brainstorming to put ideas and features together, so we took a look at some well known apps on the market and we tried to understand the importance of each feature they put and how they put it, then we finished by having some chit chat with taxi drivers to get as much insights as possible to really build an app that can benefit them in a daily basis as well.

What it does

Our app is being built with one thing in mind, making life of passengers and taxi drivers as easy as it can be, so we went from giving passengers the ability to order a taxi with just a few clicks anytime, everywhere they are, to actually start saving money and taking cost efficient rides by either joining other people's ride or create their own and share it with other people to join. In the other hand, the driver has pretty much the same benefits, saving time by taking scheduled rides with just a few clicks without the hassle of phone calls and picking up passengers that already exist in the current zone, without forgetting the possibility of the system making you more money doing just that. All of this is backed up with an inner rating system for passengers and drivers to make sure you are in safe hands by having the ability to check someone's reputation.

How i built it

We build it with the Ionic framework, it's a front-end SDK for building cross-platform mobile apps, which means that this app can be run on android as well as ios phones, Ionic also provides a platform for integrating services like push notifications and analytics. I chose to use NoSql with Mongodb server in order to get queries as fast as possible, and i'm using Node.js on the server side of the application, which can support an incredible number of network communication synchronously.

Challenges i ran into

The features that we had in mind to implement is numbered in comparison with the time we had in hands. Testing the app looking for bugs took a lot of time than expected. Fitting a well demonstrative script of quite a lot features in less than 5 min in a video was a bit challenging for us.

Accomplishments that i'm proud of

This is our first competition, so we were really excited about it and we're really proud of our accomplishment because in any case, we'd always feel that we actually tried to make somebody's life out there easier and that feeling for us is priceless.

What i learned

We learned that a lot of things can seem easy to implement but it takes up a lot of your time and energy, so you need to have some risk management for your project to deliver it in due time without having a negative impact on quality work, we also learned some stress controlling techniques that we enforced our bodies and mind to apply due having tons of work to do in the development period as 1 person as full stack developer and 1 person as a professional digital marketer and designer.

Whats next for Ford Code for TaxiCabs Mobility Challenge:

We are really excited and looking forward to get more engaged in the upcoming challenges and we sincerely thank everyone that put any kind of work in this to make it happen.

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