OpenXC Integration

Our Application Ford Cares integrates OpenXC framework through android application. This Android application when paired in emergency fleets will help the health care team to locate the fleet using google map and direct them to the critical patients using shorted possible route thereby saving golden hours. The application helps to optimally utilize the emergency fleets with at most efficiency. Through OpenXC integration, the fleet performances are constantly monitored for any sign of problems/issues upfront through the centralized cloud web application. The emergency fleet drivers are not distributed through phone calls during driving, since the fleet status will be shown as occupied in the application.

About Carevan Application

Our Ford Cares application addresses the major problem of infant mortality. Ford Cares solves this problem by making use of the existing telecom infrastructure which relatively better than the road infrastructure in rural areas in Tamil Nadu. Through “All Terrain Ford Endeavour" integrated with OpenXC framework we are trying to overcome the challenge of reaching rural areas where Health Care reach was a day dream earlier.

This application uses cloud based infrastructure to connect the teams via mobility with the centralized 24/7 NGO Health care support team. The network hospitals can access this Ford Cares application through internet and mobile app, so no extra investment is needed to support this application.

The Key features of Carevan application are

1) Reach the patients in emergency in least possible time using google map service. 2) Emergency Fleet team can book an appointment with the nearest hospital on behalf of the patient during commute in All Terrain Ford Endeavour through Android Application. 3) Find nearest hospital 4) Health Care team can access the patient information from cloud infrastructure, so no maintenance of paper works and information can be accessed anywhere and anytime. 5) Patients are constantly in touch with the health care team through native language SMS services. SMS instructions includes information about nearest medical Camp, routine tests and medicine instructions. 6) Emergency Fleet operation efficiency is monitored and controlled.

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