What it does

  1. Forcura facilitates care coordination for leading healthcare organizations across the spectrum by uniting communications, optimized workflows, and actionable analytics in one integrated platform.
  2. Prospects can fill out a form to schedule a demo or ask questions using our adaptive chatbot.
  3. Our industry experts have put together a library of resources designed to help you build a sustainable healthcare organization.
  4. Forcura serves patients all across the healthcare continuum. Users can explore the industries we serve and workflows we offer through our user-friendly, sectioned website pages.

How we built it

  1. Hi-fidelity wireframes were built in Sketch
  2. Each webpage is built-in Hubspot using flexible columns for an easy-to-manage page builder (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
  3. Wistia is used for embedded videos and animations
  4. HubDB tables are used for our resource center, InnovateJAX podcast, and about us landing pages.
  5. We utilized progressive forms for company resources, including webinars and case studies.
  6. Adding animated elements using gifs, and hover states helped with visual interest across the website.

Challenges we ran into

  1. When developing our new website from the assets from our older website, we had to transition information over to the new web pages. In sections we wanted to utilize similar modules, we had to be creative in the code to align the sections without completely rewriting the code.
  2. We also ran into issues with SEO. It took the team multiple brainstorming sessions to determine the best phrasing to optimize our search results for organic traffic.
  3. As our company transitions into other sectors of healthcare, we have to be creative with our messaging and design. We had to familiarize ourselves with the terms of healthcare industries and be sure to align our messaging with appropriate sectors.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. Our mission at Forcura is to empower better patient care, and we proudly stand by that statement. Delivering the best patient care is integral to everything we do.
  2. We are proud to be the clinical document workflow solution of choice for leading healthcare organizations.
  3. We serve 557K post-acute care patients and 500 clients nationwide
  4. We have a 97% customer satisfaction rating

What's next for Forcura

We expect the company to continue to grow by as many as 200 people in the next several years. We will continue to be leaders in economic opportunity and innovation because of our business-friendly environment and talent pipeline. We are dedicated to elevating Jacksonville’s profile as a technology hub.

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