We wanted to give the people freedom to move an object just by hand movements, and to allow them a different perspective, to see views from eyes that are not their own, through the video supports on our device.

What it does

The device is remote controlled via bluetooth and serial cable links, and responds to hand gestures. The device is fitted with a smartphone camera and can be used to take a picture, record a video etc.

How We built it

We 3-d printed four wheels, connected it to four motors. We connected the Myo to give the computer input via bluetooth and is made to give signals to the RC car via serial cable. The device has a motor attached to it's top, which has a smartphone holder.

Challenges I ran into

Throughout the learning process, we had quite a few challenges. Firstly, by the time we reached the hardware store, most of the supplies were already taken by competitors. For example, we were not able to get a frame or wheels for the RC car, so we had to improvise. Another challenging problem was connection over the internet. There were a lot of times where Wi-Fi would be the problem of the situation and it would sometimes get solved itself.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Our team was closely knitted throughout the hackathon, complementing each other's strengths and covering for the weaknesses. We were patient and yet determined in our work, even when things did not go our way. We're proud of the fact that while we suffered many hardships and toiled 24/7 for this endeavor, each of us has grown as a person in this process, and that is the most important thing to us.

What We learned

Our team learned that proper planning and efficiency during work comes a long way, and that perseverance really is the key to the success of any effort. We also learned that there are multiple design solutions for a given idea, and that if one pathway, although easier, might not be available for our team to use within the design process, there are still other pathways that can produce similar if not better results.

What's next for ForcePlay

We will be continuing studies at Mcmaster University, while staying as active as possible on the Major League Hacking scene

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