FORCE Injury Packs provide flights of care for patients with musculoskeletal injuries (such as back or shoulder pain) through injury-specific rehab exercise videos, expert advice, treatment information, common symptoms and the ability to set and track goals. FORCE Injury Packs were built by a team of leading physical therapists and sports medicine professionals. FORCE Injury Packs can be downloaded for free from the iTunes App store. Specific injury packs are available as in-app purchases from $2.99 per pack.

Patients use FORCE Injury Packs for immediate access to care at a moment of need; to accelerate rehabilitation at a low cost. Success and progress can be automatically shared, motivating patients on their road to recovery through Facebook and email. Each injury pack recommends rehab gear which can be purchased directly from the FORCE store. The FORCE directory helps users locate a specialist for professional care.

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