Inspiration: Hospitals and large network datasets that can provide valuable and insightful information into the mispractices and practices of multiple fields and communities in the modern world. Extracting meaningful information from the data can make a huge difference, and as we realized, can even help save lives.

How it works: Users upload their network logs of collected data from various institutions and communities and our program uses d3.js, underscore.js and other data-based JavaScript frameworks to parse the tabular format and allow the user to edit the properties of the force layout in real time.

Challenges we ran into: Interconnecting visualizations so that they all dynamically responded as the user interacted with them.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: Creating a web app that has the potential to help people in real world situations

What we learned: Advanced d3 data binding, d3 brushing, and lots of data analysis technique.

What's next for Force: Polishing the final copy and making it available for the public to use. We also look forward to allowing users to select their own column headings and the specific relations they need, instead of limiting them to the currently predefined parameters.

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