When we first came up with this idea, we were trying to find a way to make people care about climate change. During the ideation phase, we decided to create awareness through gamification of big data. Combining machine learning, and image recognition, fORAGER educates people about the fauna that is indigenous to their area. We aim to create a engaging and addictive environment where regular people will be inspired to learn about their local area, plus it gets people out and about!

What it does

fORAGER is an app that depends on image recognition and data. We implement a database of all of the regional edible plants, and use a photo of them to recognize them. Once the user identifies the plant, they have the option to eat it or not eat it. The user must survive as long as possible by finding edible plants to keep their energy up.

How I built it

We used xcode to build an app, and mysql to start to build a database of plants. As the app gains popularity, more plants can be added into the database, with greater accuracy.

Challenges I ran into

We thought that image recognition would be a lot easier than it was, and the google image API, that we planned to use was not as affective as planned.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

What's next for fORAGER

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