There are services and goods that every college student needs. For kids moving to a new city, truly everything is a transition. Who’s going to cut my hair? Where can I get my phone fixed if the screen is cracked? Why didn’t I think of buying a vacuum?!

What it does

Uniquely designed to create a marketplace solely for college students on the same campus, kids can offer to buy and sell their own services and goods. This eliminates the trial and error, high cost, and thus frustration of finding utilities in a new city--an added plus is that it gives students a great outlet for a side hustle.

How we built it

We built it as a web app. We have utilized Django and Python as the backend framework. For the frontend framework, we've worked with HTML and Materialize CSS.

Challenges we ran into

Using Git was a learning curve for none of us had worked extensively, some of us never at all, with the platform. Furthermore, none of us had experience with Django, so we had to teach ourselves how to use the medium before developing our app.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Besides creating a functional website, we're proud that it looks aesthetically pleasing as well. As rookies to the CS scene, we're proud that this came together in a way that sets the foundation for an excellent idea.

What we learned

Besides learning how to use Django and Git, we've matured in important skills-- programming in general, entrepreneurship, branding, marketing, teamwork, dedication, and concept development.

What's next for Fora

World Domination. Just kidding, we would love to see this be a useful tool for college kids. Hopefully, it is a valuable resource that gets implemented to many campuses around the world!

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Bartholomew C. posted an update

4/21 (late afternoon - evening): We continued to read through Django tutorials and docs and decided to use the Materialize framework for our CSS. Justin and Sarah did good work on the frontend. I designed most of the database structure, which Will then implemented and connected.

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