With the increase of social media, social media activism has become a popular method of educating people on causes and campaigns. This can quickly lead to people being bombarded with campaigns through videos or infographics. The information overload may cause negative effects on people's physical and mental health as many lack trigger warnings.

What it does

For Your Information or FYI for short aims to create a safe virtual space for people to learn and support causes important to them. Resources such as campaign links and prevalent issues occurring in the world are compiled in an accessible way for users within this website. This website also aims to connect people by providing help-lines and information to help others in need. Let us help you help the world!

How we built it

The web application is made using HTML for writing the basic structure and the CSS for designing and implementing visuals to the page. Each different page of the website has a corresponding HTML and CSS file. Backend development using javascript was used to create the submission form for the website.

Challenges we ran into

One challenge that we ran into was learning how to prioritize CSS designs. CSS is very specific and accurate when relating to the UI. Learning how to implement different elements within CSS and have them appear with the HTML was challenging. Additionally, most of our team was new to Github and had to learn how to use it. It was challenging to merge requests without accidentally deleting important files.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are super proud of our website being responsive for users and also accessible to everyone. As it was most of our first Hackathons, we are most proud of creating a very functional website with an eye-catching design.

What we learned

The best skill we learned from this hackathon was mastering git and GitHub. This skill will stick with us for our hacker journey and projects. We also mastered web development and learned a lot of cool tricks using CSS that we can continue to use on future projects.

What's next for For-Your-Information

In the future, we hope to add a button to each page that makes the self-care page more accessible. We would also like to partner with mental health services and organizations to provide self-care products to our users. We would also like to add a donations page for people who would want to provide non-monetary contributions and a petitions page.

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