Today, our world is going through many technological advances that affect daily lifestyle for everyone. With different epidemics going on in the world today, public health is a general, but consistent concern. Although, major outbreaks aren’t always the problems a majority of the people face, but more people face problems in their daily life with their lifestyle. We used a program called Twine. It helps create maps of code that connect to one another to create a large overall program. One of the challenges we faced at the beginning was getting started. It was hard to get started and narrow down to a topic. Another challenge we faced was coding with Harlowe. None of us have experience coding with this language, so we had to learn the new syntax, and it made it more difficult to put our ideas on the screen because none of us had seen a type of coding like this before. Throughout the hackathon, we learned many things. We learned how to use a new program and how to code in a new language.

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