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The three of us were once part of an organization that provided after-school coding classes and lab-assisting services to local under-resourced middle and high schools. While we all enjoyed our individual experiences, we agreed that the lack of adequate hardware (ie. broken Chromebooks) as well as software that assumed certain basic tech skills (ie. typing) were not the best for teaching the particular group of under-resourced students in our classrooms.

Thus, this hackathon, we strived to meet two goals:

(a) Move the learning platform to a mobile device, which is more accessible to students. (b) Make the results of the code more visual and clear via gamification and graphics.

We designed our app on Figma, then prototyped it on Invision Studio. In parallel, we used Android Studio, Java, and ButterKnife to develop the app.

Our largest challenges were in the development of the app, initially trying to leverage Google's Blockly Library in order to provide functional code blocks without reinventing the wheel. However, due to the lack of documentation and resources of individuals who used Blockly for Android applications (support for Android Dev. was deprecated), we decided to switch towards building everything from the ground up to create a prototype with basic functionality. On our coding journey, we learned about MVP architecture, modularizing our code with fragments, and implementing drag-and-drop features.

Our Invision Studio Demo: link

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