A response to declining bird population across many species

What it does

The lens let's the user feed a virtual sparrow using real food. Along with being a poignant statement, the lens allows the user to observe the beautiful bird up close.

How we built it

I built it using assets from Sketchfab and 3d hand tracking in lens studio. I had to write a custom script to time the animation and play different clips.

Challenges we ran into

Texturing was a problem that I ran into. For quite sometime, the UVs weren't being mapped correctly. Later I realized the textures were flipped and rotated.

Positioning the bird correctly in the hand was difficult, in part because the model axis didn't coincide with the default axis direction in lens studio. So had to do multiple adjustments to match it up correctly.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The illusion works really well and it actually feels like a real bird is in your left hand.

What we learned

It is important to address difficult topics in life and technology like AR could help take your response to a larger audience. The components that I used are simple by themselves but when put together in a certain way, delivers a strong message.

What's next for For the birds

Add more birds! I'd like to make a series of realistic birds that are threatened to bring awareness to their conservation.

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