For Hue

Adjust the colors of a pdf file for various types of colorblindness.

Users select their type of colorblindness (one of the major three), upload a pdf file, and are given a daltonized (color adjusted) pdf file to download.

See the demo on heroku. (PLEASE NOTE: Currently pdf files larger than about three pages might be slow. Try testing the app with a pdf that is three pages or less.)

Development Environment

After cloning this package, run the following:

# install dependencies
> npm install

# start the dev server
> npm start

The app will automatically open a new tab in Google Chrome at http://localhost:3000/ where the app is running. If you did not do npm run setup, the server will automatically check if the proper database and table exist and, if not, create them.

Production Build

To build this app into a static, minified package, running npm run build will create such a package under the /build/ directory and run the production server at http://localhost:9000/.

Made with the help of ejecting a create-react-app.

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