The inspiration for our project came from three of our members being involved with Smash in their community. From one of us being an avid competitor, one being an avid watcher and one of us who works in an office where Smash is played quite frequently, we agreed that the way Smash Bro games were matched and organized needed to be leveled up. We hope that this becomes a frequently used bot for big and small organizations alike.

How it Works

We broke the project up into three components, the front end made using React, the back end made using Golang and a middle part connecting the back end to Slack by using StdLib.

Challenges We Ran Into

A big challenge we ran into was understanding how exactly to create a bot using StdLib. There were many nuances that had to be accounted for. However, we were helped by amazing mentors from StdLib's booth. Our first specific challenge was getting messages to be ephemeral for the user that called the function. Another adversity was getting DM's to work using our custom bot. Finally, we struggled to get the input from the buttons and commands in Slack to the back-end server. However, it was fairly simple to connect the front end to the back end.

The Future for 'For Glory'

Due to the time constraints and difficulty, we did not get to implement a tournament function. This is a future goal because this would allow workspaces and other organizations that would use a Slack channel to implement a casual tournament that would keep the environment light-hearted, competitive and fun. Our tournament function could also extend to help hold local competitive tournaments within universities. We also want to extend the range of rankings to have different types of rankings in the future. One thing we want to integrate into the future for the front end is to have a more interactive display for matches and tournaments with live updates and useful statistics.

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