Twitter, being a different type of social media For eg. limited word count, makes user submit the most important information associated with the tweet or image. This can be a really good feature for extracting a perfect dataset or knowledge base.

What it does

Interesting ! Suppose you have 10 friends in your Twitter account and everyone went out for a trip,be it a restaurant or a famous public attraction in your city. Our app recognizes this information to plan out and recommend your future trip. So our app shows your friends trips on a map and restaurant near that places and their yelp page.

How we built it

Twitter is a part of everyone's online presence. Our aim is to use Twitter for travel recommendation purpose. We combined Google's cloud platform features like Google Maps API + Google Vision and Sentiment Analysis to create an App that fetches results.

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that even in the time span as little as 2 days, we were able to integrate many things in a single project and successfully run it with the help of our teammate. We are happy that everyone contributed their 100% in every task.

What we learned

The value of teamwork and coordination and importance of having an idea.

What's next for Footsteps

We plan to build more attractive UI/UX so that everyone uses our app to plan their next trip. We plan to build features like in-app ticket purchase, reservation systems etc

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