## Inspiration We wanted to build an app that encourages and promotes diversity in a fun way. What better way to do so than through a game?

## What it does Footsteps takes in user information like gender, age, orientation, and country and gives the user a character that is the complete opposite of what their information indicated. They then get to live a life in the day of that character through answering simple yes/no questions, swiping left for no and right for yes with each choice. the goal of the app isn't to see if you make the most moral decisions, but to illuminate upon the actual choices that certain individuals face in their countries, and let the user compare the consequences of these choices between their character's life and their own life, thus educating the user on the lives of other people.

## How we built it We built the app using Swift iOS Programming, using Parse to create a database on Amazon Web Services to store username, passwords, user information, and user submitted stories. We also created original storylines and original artwork to accompany the story.

## Challenges we ran into The database would not start working until hour 27 of the hackathon, throwing off our initial plan. When we finally did get it to work, it was the best day of our lives ever. Also, we are all relatively new to iOS coding, but we had fun learning it!

## Accomplishments that we're proud of The database actually works and successfully stores information!!! The app works well too!!!

## What we learned Time management is key to creating a project within the time constraints of a hackathon. We made sure to designate roles after the hackathon started.

## What's next for Footsteps We plan to continue building upon the app and create new story lines for it, hoping to eventually create a fully functional and launchable app!

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