Have you ever had a bad day? You talk to / hear about someone who experienced the same thing and even though it doesn't change a thing, it automatically makes you feel better? That's what footsteps is all about. I believe some emotions are universal it doesn't matter whether you are the next Einstein or the next Mandela. We all feel similar feelings and it always feels good to know that someone you look up to felt the same and its always good to know what they did in a similar situation.

My target user is anyone who looks up to influential people of history. Anyone who is keen to find the right thing to do at any given situation.

Footsteps is unique in that it acts like a real companion. You can set alarms to check on your feelings at different time intervals. You can add or reduce the number of people you look upto. It is constantly updated as role models keep increasing. Footsteps will guide in the footsteps of those you aspire to be. Hopefully it will minimize your stress and make you happy.

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