If every commuter were to decrease their carbon dioxide emissions by just 10%, there would be a decrease in carbon dioxide emissions by hundreds of pounds. However, it has been shown that simple tracking does not encourage alternative methods of commuting - traditional tracking requires input from the user, however minimal. Thus, we wanted to target this issue and while requiring no user input to the application.

In order to raises awareness of day-to-day subconscious decisions that detrimentally affect the environment. Footstep tracks movement and GPS location and predicts the likelihood of being in a vehicle. If the prediction is positive, Footstep will automatically run in the background and track GPS location until a final destination is reached, which it will intelligently stop recording if so and organize commute by “trips” based on start/end time and location. The results are displayed on a day-to-day basis for a user to view, and each route is accompanied by alternative walking/biking routes that can be taken. Footstep in the future can be extended to intelligently predict when a user will be taking a common commute route and immediately suggest an alternative walking/biking route that matches with a user’s schedule/linked calendar.

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