Climate change is a complex, pressing issue that lacks digital solutions of the level of the individual user.

What it does

Raises awareness of sustainability issues

Shows users how their decisions can make an environmental impact in their day-to-day lives with Park&Walk. Recommends a route given user input for desired walking distance and destination.

Tracks progress toward a healthier planet

Keeps track of the total carbon emissions saved by each user by choosing to walk instead of drive, based on car features and travel history.

Keeps users accountable for their choices

Displays the activity of other users in a community feed that challenges members to make the most out of each drive.

How we built it

The back-end is based on Django and Python and hosted on an Amazon Web Services server. It makes use of the Google Maps and Google Places API. The front-end is written in Swift.

Challenges we ran into

We were building an application for iOS, but we only had one Macbook, which somewhat hindered development.

What's next for Footprint

Use machine learning techniques to optimize driving/walking paths and incorporate real-time GPS metrics for route prediction.

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