Large tech companies have thousands of employees commuting from North to South bay, contributing to huge carbon emissions, but also slow traffic. These issues are well known, complained about a lot, and a nuisance. What makes them interesting is when the government comes into play: companies in MV, Cupertino, and others, are fining companies if their single occupancy vehicle numbers are too high.

What it does

Footprint is a platform that enables gamification of a commute. Sign up with a team, and compete against others in your organization. Competitions last a week, and the winning team is the one that uses the least mileage. I'm pulling live odometer and location data from a Chrysler outside to test. It works across makes, and enables people to sign in with their car. People can easily be matched with those nearby, and they can quickly reduce their carbon footprint, reduce traffic, save gas money, and help the traffic issue.

How I built it + ## Challenges I ran into

I built the app completely in Node and React. While familiar with Node, I had never used React and learned a ton about components. Around 8am I pretty much rebuilt the entire thing!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Considering I worked alone with a language I was not familiar with, it was a very successful hackathon!

What's next for Footprint

Core functionality is there, but it is lacking in many of the gamification elements that come with fantastic UI. I need a graphic designer to help create the irresistible feel many apps have.

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