Statistics and metrics about such enormous topics as climate change and carbon footprint are often hard to reconcile with our understanding of our daily lives. Furthermore, understanding the relative impact of different habits and choices on one's carbon footprint is extremely important and very often surprising. We wanted to to create an experience that would communicate these ideas to anyone concretely and succinctly.

What it does

Footprint presents a question to the user and guides them through understanding surprising information through examples, numbers, and comparisons.

How we built it

We researched the relative and absolute impacts of a variety of lifestyle choices and products in order to create examples that help the user understand the scope of a typical American's carbon footprint.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The goal of our project was to present this information in a way that anyone, with or without a scientific background or any particular knowledge, would appreciate. In addition to that, we believe that the message we are looking to send will take people by surprise. We believe that that is exactly what we have accomplished.

What we learned

We as well were caught off guard by what a huge contribution certain activities make to one's carbon footprint.

What's next for Footprint

We hope to share our work with others so that we make work towards a sustainable future.

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