While playing GeoGuessr, we wondered how much of the world we actually know and have seen in real life. This led to the idea of an app to visualize the proportion of the Earth we have visited, our "footprint" on the world.

What it does

  1. Shows you how much of the world you already covered by extracting all those "footprints" you have clocked in your favourite exercise applications (e.g NRC, Strava)

  2. Gives you the power to record where you have walked and explored on a day to basis. Colour the map with your "footprints" as you explore the unknown.

How we built it



  • Web framework: Ruby on Rails

  • Database: Postgresql

  • Deployment: Heroku

Challenges we ran into

  • Unfamiliarity with some of the languages/ frameworks/ deployment environments we chose to take up.

  • Sparse documentation over less widely-used frameworks.

  • 3D visualisation is a new space that we have not been into before, was a challenging task to understand the framework and implement the ideas we had in mind.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We managed to build it to a point where we are proud of

  • Picked up a brand new language in a span of a day

What we learned

  • The importance of creativity and boldness
  • Initiative

What's next for Footprint

  1. Improve accessibility for non-technical users

  2. Redesign database schema for efficiency and store user data securely

  3. More immersive visualisation

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