We realised how there isn't a platform to discover events happening around us that is presented in a way easy to visualise. Many events are sometimes discovered on Facebook by accident when someone clicks "attending" or "interested" in an event.

What it does

FootFall is a platform that allows users to visualise the hottest events happening around them. They can search for different locations around the world

How we built it

We first gathered data using the Facebook graph API and sorted the data based on location, event dates, duration of the events, and the estimated number of people attending. An API was then created to query this data, which allows to then present in any client we choose. Our data visualisation method of choice is the Google Maps API, which allowed our users to interact with events that they found using a heatmap and a filter for the events based on date ranges. We deployed our website to Amazon AWS and also used a custom domain from On the AWS instance, have an Apache server for serving web content and a node.js server for API calls. We'd like to thank the sponsors of HackSheffield as well as the organisers of the hackathon for running this amazing event.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge we ran into was gathering the data itself. We had to be careful to not breach any terms of privacy and it was a major concern to us that there wasn't enough data around as well.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of solving a Big Data problem. Making sense of the data that we had and presenting it in a visually pleasing interface while also using it to benefit potential users around the world is truly satisfying. The team dynamic is also something that we are truly proud of. We enjoyed building something cool that matters during the hackathon.

What we learned

We learnt how messy data is presented to us and sometimes, we don't even realise that there is data that we can utilize in a useful manner useless we actively looked for it.

What's next for FootFall

We could implement other sources of data, for example, live tweets from Twitter regarding current events and intergrate that into our platform. We could also allow our users plan a route through popular events in their area to help them discover the events around them.

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