Pier's dad has MS and suffers from foot drop, but was not able to get an FES device due to the prohibitively high cost.

What it does

Foot++ is a low-cost muscle stimulator that automatically detects gait phase to fix foot drop.

How we built it

Our team built a low cost prototype of an FES stimulator using Arduino, an accelerometer, and a TENS nerve stimulator. We used this hardware to stimulate the Tibialis Anterior.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're excited to have built a functional prototype in just 24 hours! It both senses gait pattern and stimulates the muscle to cause a contraction at the right time.

What's next for foot++

We hope to test our prototypes, then scale up to produce these for low-resource settings.


Embedded Systems Mentor: John Naulty
Hardware: William Wnękowicz and Marion LB
Hardware Hack Inspiration: Midori Sanchez, Miguel Moscoso, Kevin Flores, Jhedmar Callupe, Elizabeth Albarracin, & Tomás Vega

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