Inspiration Well, I am tech and Football lover. So, I try to learn both and be good in both. So now I have tried to combine both. I have created this so that I could help young people with less resources to learn how to play perfectly. This starts with kicking and later I will add further effects to help kids learn. Actually, when I played and tried to kick like the Messi or Ronaldo, it was very difficult. I was not going to any academy. So it was difficult to know what we did wrong even after watching their videos. So I am trying to solve this problem.

What it does I have built something very simple and with minimal coding. It is very simple to use because it is very sporty people who may not like using difficult technology. Here we allow players to play with Ronaldo. Actually, we change the total background and in between there Ronaldo kicks his knuckle ball, So, kids can also kick with him and they can see comparatively what is the difference in both kicks. So that they can correct it soon. They go into professional surrounding to give them a feeling of pleasure to play at a higher level. This is a very good form of tutorial, but I feel if this would have been for Oculus VR then we could have done much and it could benefit kids more, but it is good for kids with minimum resources.

How I built it I didn't have much experience with Spark Ar so I used Youtube for many things. I built by finding the best kick, then taking the frames from it then using to animate the background of the video. Spark AR works great for the effect. It knows which parts of the front to show and which not. This is really great.

Challenges I ran into I didn't really go into much challenges with this effect.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of is that I created my own effect for Instagram and Facebook. This is really awesome and I can help kids learn how to play Football and later some of them may become great footballers.

What I learned I learnt to use Spark AR and now I am exploring it to do more things. i

What's next for Football Kick Next, is other players and other kicks and then other stuff to play better Football and make kids star footballers.

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