Students often get bored of making food. Either they end up spending more money in restaurants or just skip a meal. This problem can be solved in just two easy steps. There is always someone out there who is excited about making new dish. If he can make that food in more quantity and show his cooking abilities, he can end up earning some money and the person who was bored of making food, can easily fulfill his stomach by contacting the chef.

What it does

Step 1: Take a picture of food item you want to sell, add ingredients, add a category of food. Step 2: Buyer(Hungrian) looks at the available food dishes in his vicinity and can contact one of the sellers.

How I built it

I am using swift as my primary language and using apples very own framework Xcode.

Challenges I ran into

First challenge was completing the app login. Version one will allow only USC students. So google login with usc students was a challenging task since it involved cocoa pods installation.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Dedication. I was the only one in my team, so I overcame boredom and loneliness and always wanted to move on with my development.

What I learned

Swift, how to use Xcode, how to use cocoapods, how to debug error.

What's next for Footailer

Sellers page.

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