We spoke to Ascendas and found out a multi million dollar challenge they have. Whenever there is a decision to build a multi million facility, Ascendas could never fully ascertain the tenant's response. As tenants do not respond actively to polls, Ascendas could never understand which facilities they desired the most.

What it does

Foot Tapper uses Machine Learning and existing infrastructure in office parks like CCTV footage to measure human traffic at different locations live.

How we built it

We built Foot Tapper by using OpenCV to record the video and Amazon rekognition to create a people tracking engine which delivers the human traffic in an easily readable admin console.

Using Microservice architecture, we separated the project into 4 different services.

  1. Record video using OpenCV and upload video to AWS S3 cloud. github:

  2. Run AWS Artificial Intelligence to track people and get a response. Once the response from AWS Artificial Intelligence is successful in counting the number of people in video, we send another request to get the data and serve the data in the /live endpoint. github:

  3. Run AWS facial recognition to get demographic, sentiment, gender, age for more advanced analysis. github:

  4. Created a front end website that consumes the API using Angular and displays data on google maps. github:

Challenges we ran into

Agile development is HARD! We made use of Microservice infrastructure to divide work and ensure maximum efficiency. Additionally, we made use of techniques like Stand Up and visual representation of tasks to help communicate our ideas across and ensure we stay on task to keep within the timeline, especially since we used different stack and languages.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We managed to combine efforts from different people who have different skill sets and different languages to create a coherent product that adds value to businesses in the limited time given.

What we learned

"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts." Synergy arises when people of different skill sets and backgrounds come together with a vision to create something of value.

What's next for Foot Tapper

While we helped Ascendas to solve a multi-million dollar problem today, our product is useful for all properties to gather feedback, the applications are endless! These are some areas where Foot Tapper can be extended to provide utility:

  • Security
  • Facilities Utilisation
  • Maintenance Management
  • Crowd Control
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