Applying the engineering knowledge I obtained in class to solve corona virus spread.

What it does

Foot operated hand wash machine stops the spread of corona virus such that you wash your hand without touching the water tap or detergent bottle.

How I built it

I achieved fabrication of the foot operated hand wash machine after learning the challenge posed by the corona virus pandemic.

The virus spread through touching contaminated surface of corona virus. To stop the spread people have to wash hands and at the same time avoid touching surfaces this is what steered me in coming up with the foot operated hand washing machine that allow people to wash hands without touching surfaces that may be contaminated.

Challenges I ran into

water taps used in this project are expensive.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I fabricated the foot operated hand wash machine for KENYA POWER & LIGHTING COMPANY Mombasa region and they were happy about my product.

What I learned

local materials can be used to solve a problem

What's next for Foot operated hand washing machine.

The next move about the foot operated hand wash machine is automating it.

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