My mom always asked me what do i want for dinner tonight? and I could not really give her the answer because I didn`t have a strong preference. If somebody or something could give a randomly chosen name of the food and recipe, it could give me a brief idea what would I want to have for dinner tonight!

What it does

Shake Foorray and get a randomly chosen Wegman`s food recipe!

How we built it

We use Wegmans API implement into our application

Challenges we ran into

Using Wegmans`s API which it does not fully show of the details of the foods on the page we were trying to implement on.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The logo suits with the warm and trustworthiness image of Wegmans and the app helps consumers to get an idea of what to cook or to have today which is a daily assignment we face everyday.

What's next for Foorray

Total up the price of ingredients for chosen recipes and compare to the cost from eating the similar food out.

Built With

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