During the COVID-19 tough time, universities and schools have to choose to make classes change from in person into online, students across the world have to adapt it. However, many of them have trouble fitting themselves in time slots of classes, focusing on the contents that the educators tell and doing homework lonely. So we wanted to provide an application for students to imporve their efficiency and help them go through this tough period.

What's next for fOoOcus

Face-api only supports six emotions, in this case, we cannot combine it with the feature of detecting if the user study efficiently and give positive feedback in time. Next, we would train more models to ensure the study partner can "talk" with the user according to their emotions for better learning. Besides, we want to manage a feature for note center, which would make the best advantage of online learning; You can easily select the text from pdf, html and mobi files and store it. Then we would alert you to review according to forgetting curve.

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