"Fooma" is an event cheering up application with iPhone BLE passing communication. By using this application, exhibitions or events will be rise up sprightly.

If you are take part in an event, can you walk around all of events which you are interested in satisfactory? Or if you are an exhibitor, can you approach appropriate customers? In most events, you may see such a following problems.


  • Participants are subject to be wondering which booth is attractive.
  • Exhibitors are anxious to improve the lead acquisition rate.
  • Eventers are worried that the event is not managed efficiently.

Fooma helps to solve these problems. In an event, participants previously register his/her interesting category or key word on Fooma. On the other hand, property of exhibitions have been added on Fooma's database. Adding more, participants activity (which exhibitions they are attending and how to move from event to event) are posted during event by iPhone BLE passing communication. Utilizing these data, participants can get recommendation about exhibitions which is specialized to his/her preference, and exhibiters also obtain the information about which category a participant is interested in.

By this application, each participant / exhibiter /eventer can get following Solution.


  • Participants no longer wonder which exhibitions to go. They can also obtain the booth recommendation on time.
  • Exhibiters can obtain the information about which category a participant is interested in. This information ensure the high accuracy of “Lead”. Exhibiter doesn’t need to collect business card or type in the participant’s property. Furthermore they can get knowledge about competitor by tracing the data of participants who get by the exhibition.
  • Eventers eventer can evaluate how participants move around and which exhibiters are more effectively by creating heatmap.

Because the device equipped with BLE interface has been increasing recently, this application gets to communicate with many other devices. In addition, BLE requires very low electricity, thus we can operate this application anytime. Both useful data of participants and exhibiters are collected on the Fooma’s server, these data can be used for more advanced analysis in the future version up. For example, intelligent suggestion will be provided by researching the participants’ activity and evaluation to exhibiters. Furthermore, Fooma system has a flexible scalability. Fooma uses both heroku and Force.com platform, which means the database for analysis and CRM database are separated. Each CRM database users (exhibiters) are assured of its secure environment, and these CRM database can be easily scale out. It can be said that Fooma has a great possibility of development.

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