We’ve all seen moving scenes on TV of migrants trying to reach a better life in Europe, but how many of us have actually tried to help? Foogee.Tech by Kingdon is a platform that helps refugees report issues, save important documents and verify identity, while rallying help from local people and businesses through gamification, using just Facebook Messenger without any app install.

It represents a three-party (refugees - local business - local people) self funding platform where a win-win situation is created for everyone. Refugees get help, local merchants get more business and people are happy to contribute to a good cause.

What it does

Discovering a service while they shop, people can check the issues by opening a map of their surroundings and when they are near a location, help to bring down a fence by playing a game of Breakout and creating awareness. As numbers of players grow, hopefully walls will come down in people’s hearts as well.

How we built it

Facebook Messenger Bot Facebook Page Twilio SMS and mobile number verification Radix .tech domain for the engagement mobile web Poynt Smart POS, card-linked customer recognition, customer-facing POS screen acquisition Amazon Alexa voice touch-point for status verification and latest information

Built With

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