Travelers travel or go on vacation for primarily two reasons: activities and events (including concerts, conferences, festivals, etc). Whenever I travel somewhere, I always do it for the experience of doing something, and I feel that basic information is missing out from travel sites.

FooFare was designed from the ground up for travelers looking to find and book a great travel-event experience. You tell us the date you want to leave and come back, and we'll suggest the lowest possible fares combined with the best possible events to help guide you in your decision. We also add into your fare the events you're interested in attending on an easy to use timetable.

Our target user is the adventurous professional, looking for a truly unique travel experience! We're most proud of all our filter features, which allow you to cater and find exactly the type of event experience you like. We wholly relied on Sabre as our API, with a touch of wunderground API for the weather, and both eventbrite and eventful APIs to find great events!

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