The Rundown

Ever get tired of having to coordinate with roommates for groceries, chores, and fridge space?

Built using stdlib integration with Slack and a MongoDB database, FoodyRoomies keeps track of all the housework, shared expenses, groceries and even what's in the fridge for you. FoodyRoomies is accessible through a responsive, easy-to-use application. Upload receipts natively to the application to keep records of shared expenses. The app enables you to stop worrying about not having bacon to fry in the morning and put your time to better use! Frustrated by the endless scrolling through Messenger for updates? FoodyRoomies uses unique Slack channels to nag you when it's your turn to do the dishes!

What It Does

You can add activities to the chore list with a specific due date and assign it to a roommate, and add items to the grocery list. The native photo capture feature allows you to store receipts on the Slack and instantly calculates each roommate's share. You can delete them from the database when the chore is done or the groceries have been bought. The app sends notifications to your Slack when the due date arrives if the chore hasn't already been completed. Disputes over whose turn it is to scrub the kitchen counter or how much your roommate owes you? Settle it over the Slack, and pull the database to strengthen your arguments!

Challenges Along The Way

  1. Building the integration between stdlib and MongoDB database
  2. Creating a persistent, feature-packed backend API
  3. Creating a seamless interaction between our front-end display and back-end functionality
  4. Designing a robust yet intuitive GUI for the application

What We Learned

We learned that time spent planning out the feature set and wireframe of the layout of the project is time well spent. We learned about stdlib's integration tools are extremely intuitive and easy for developers to utilize to connect APIs across several platforms. We also brainstormed ideas to improve the application by using Optical Image Recognition to scrape data from printed receipts, a feature that we think could go a long way to making our application easier to use.

Thank you for your consideration!

  • Alex, Albert, Jack, Towseef

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